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Here comes a little bit more disturbing information for Facebook. According to the special survey from this week’s Economist, Facebook’s international enlargement strategy may well face some problems in the foreseeable future (see the chart below, click to expand). Well, that’s for certain. But furthermore important is whether Facebook could (or is prepared to) adapt its conventional business model to fit the social norms and the culture in its new designed territories. Take Japan as a typical example. Although generally in most countries, the amount of Facebook users surpasses that of the users of Twitter much, 5 times more or in some instances, even 6 to 8 8 times.

However, in Japan, this percentage is less than one-third. Some analysts believe that the unpopularity of Facebook in Japan is principally due to its late entry into the market since the previous entrant and large incumbent like Mixi, has recently grasped nearly 80% of the marketplace share. But, still this could not clarify the growth discrepancies between Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Japan premiered in-may 2008, only a month earlier while the Japanese version of twitter was presented. How could the difference be so large? Moreover, based on the latest Alexa rating of top sites in Japan, Facebook is high on top 10 10, while twitter and mix are rating 13 and 14, respectively. How could this happen at the same time when Facebook users in Japan are only one-third of the tweets users? It might be the case that the English … Read the rest

How To Make A Photography Website (that Practically Runs Itself)

How will I attract clients to my website? Of course, creating your photography website is absolutely just half the battle. After all, what good is a beautiful, professional-looking website if there’s nobody visiting it? That’s why it’s essential to boost your website for SEO – it’s your best bet for getting found online, as well as for drawing clients to your website. A good spot to start is by identifying relevant keywords that people are trying to find (e.g. ‘wedding professional photographer’), to enable you to tailor your site’s content appropriately. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner to see search volumes and get some ideas for keywords.

1. Make sure there’s very little competition to them. 2. The greater specific, the better – so long as there’s a good amount of search volume for them. So, ‘commercial photographer in Barcelona’ is much more relevant than ‘commercial photographer’, for example. If you’re only seeking to provide customers in your local area, you have a far greater chance of getting found, as there’s simply less competition than if you were targeting a country-wide or global audience.

Register yourself on Google My Business to boost your likelihood of getting found through organic search or Google Maps. The Google My Business entries are among the first results you observe, alongside customer ratings, contact information, and where they’re located on the map. That’s pretty powerful stuff! You have some helpful tips on optimizing your GMB listing – they’re well worth checking out here. … Read the rest