Anne Hathaway Weight 1

Anne Hathaway Weight

Just in case you are curious about Anne Hathaway’s weight, Anne is considered to weigh about 130lbs (59kg). As for her elevation, Anne Hathaway is 5’8” (or 173 cm). It has to be noted though that whenever Hathaway, 30, starred in the film: “Les Miserables”, slipped 25 pounds from her (already) slim frame.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Hathaway admitted that her drastic weight loss, which involved nearly starving herself, was an obsession of her own making, not her director’s. Anne uncovered that she lost 10lb in three weeks before filming and 15lb during production. Hathaway was quoted as stating. On the other hand, when Hathaway gave an interview to Glamour publication, she confessed that she has trouble projecting the image of a confident star! Am I thin enough? Am I too thin? Is my own body the right shape? There’s an obsessive quality to it which i thought I would’ve grown out of right now.

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