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Best Things In Beauty

I’m writing on my iPad, the only computer I’ve left. Wednesday Last, my house “down burned.” Charlie and I there were not, thank God. I’ve got a very bad few months, as Alexander would put it (remember the children’s publication?). I had fashioned Legionnaires pneumonia and was hospitalized for eight times. If a friend hadn’t insisted on a well being check by the authorities, I would have died. They found me unconscious on to the floor.

I have no memory of this or how long I have been transferred out. I’m informed I had sepsis and kidney failure in addition to the pneumonia. Following the hospital, Charlie and I moved to a rehabilitation center within an assisted living facility close to the house. I needed to get stronger, and I did so. I thought that was the worst of it. Then, my sister, who was simply helping renovate my house, employed an organization called Pest Now to eradicate the termites they found in my attic. A couple of hours after they left, my entire attic is at flames. Long story short, my house was demolished.

It will need at least eight weeks to restore it. I lost much of my makeup museum, almost all my clothes, and I don’t even understand what else because all salvageable items are in a warehouse possessed by my recovery company or with specialists who deal with artwork and antiques.

My best jewelry was stolen. When there is a silver lining to the last few months, Charlie is fine, and my pneumonia is gone. Chubb, my insurance company has been fabulous. I can’t say enough good things about them. Please, check your insurance policy and ensure that you have an assured rebuild clause (no matter cost), more than sufficient contents coverage (riders for belongings), and will have the money to live while your destroyed house is rebuilt somewhere.

Chubb is spending money on the rehab center where I will stay for the length. It’s 5 minutes from the house, and Personally I think safe here. Writing this has brought tears to my eyes. Among the restoration men said I have PTSD. Could be true. I told my doctor I thought I might need a psychiatrist. I wasn’t kidding. They weren’t kidding when they explained I have a fresh job, without pay.

The work involved with making decisions, getting together with people at my house every day, buying clothes and other essentials, and more has been constant. Thank God Chubb is providing me with the money I have to live. That is the put together of “where I’ve been.” A lot of you have asked, and I’m pleased for your love. I couldn’t get a photo into this feature. I tried but finally punted.

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