Confessions Of A Makeup Shopaholic (: 1

Confessions Of A Makeup Shopaholic (:

I didn’t have time to post my empties last month, so some tips about what I accumulated in the past almost two months. Farmasi “Love Limited Edition” Hair Shampoo – this was Valentine’s limited edition from a brand name called Farmasi, which is fairly not used to me. This shampoo had a nice scent but otherwise I didn’t enjoy it, because I’ve oily locks with dandruff problems probably. Would recommend it only if you have normal hair type. Shampoo – my partner used it and it really smelled amazing! It was loved by him, but the price is high I must say quite. Repurchase: Maybe whether it’s on sale.

Balea Rose Elegance Cremedusche – I always buy Balea shower gels, because they’re affordable and always have a nice variety of scents. Sabrina Cherry Blossom Shower Gel – if I am followed by you for some time, you know that’s my favorite shower gel of all time. The scent is absolutely amazing in addition to the simple truth is enjoyed by me it lingers on my skin for a while.

Gross Volume 01 Shampoo – I avoid Syoss shampoos any more but this one I got as something special. I liked the aroma, and it made my locks soft but didn’t assist with my hair getting oily and with dandruff. A Winter Berry Water Cleaning soap – my friend got me this cleaning soap last.

It was a huge 500ml container, and I loved the design, plus the fragrance was nice. Avon Anew Essential Youth Maximizing Sheet Mask – loved the fit of the cover up and it sensed really nice. My skin experienced great after utilizing it, but nothing spectacular either. Oriflame Love Nature Clay Mask – I liked this one honestly.

My skin experienced clean and really nice after using it. I like to try different masks that’s why I’m uncertain of repurchasing it. Essence “Hugs & Kisses” TE Glitter Topcoat 03 Crazy In Love – I attempted very difficult to get this one, since it was a restricted edition and it sold out like crazy. It was something special, a glittery nail Polish with tiny hearts in it.

Repurchase: Unfortunately it was a restricted edition. Essence “Ballerina Backstage” Nails Polish 05 Grand-Plie In Black – didn’t especially like the shade of the Polish, but it got memories behind therefore I didn’t be rid from it before. Repurchase: It was a limited edition. Balea Mizelen Reinigungs Tucher – without alcohol. These wipes are nice really, infused with micellar water. Real Chemistry Luminous 3-minute Peel – this product I got in my own Lookfantastic beauty container.

It’s really something special. It’s not a mask, you have to cleanse your skin layer and leave it slightly wet. Then you spread the gel thinly and quickly over your forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck. You begin massaging these areas and after 15-20 seconds quickly, solids should form under your fingertips. This means the peel is activating as the gel is now combining with your dead skin correctly.

Quite expensive though – around 50€ for 50 ml of product. Repurchase: I am going to in the foreseeable future for certain! Rexona MotionSense Anti-Perspirant – I did enjoy it but it’s not that affordable and nothing more special than my normal Balea deodorants, which are half the purchase price. Maybelline The Volume Express Mascara – wasn’t a fan of the one. Had a huge brush and I put problems with putting it on because of this.

  • Laverna Organic Mascara
  • Possible side effects
  • Does not provide a oily or sticky feeling to the pores and skin
  • = $ =li>Single jar will long, so it’s not just a cheap option

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream – was nice but nothing at all special. GreenLine Hydromineral Light Moisturizing Cream – that one I enjoyed a lot. For the reduced price, you get 50ml of product and my skin really liked this one. BalanceMe Congested Skin Serum – I attempted a few of Balanceme products before – got most of them in my own Lookfantastic box. I’m not a huge fan, they’re nice but nothing at all spectacular.

Eve Lom Cleanser – this is my first cleansing balm which I tried. It had been got by me in my LF container as well. Loved it, every last drop from it. It had been amazing, even although the scent is not at all something up my alley. Balea Creme Gel Mask – this was a restricted edition, it was got by you in three parts. Nice mask as usual from Balea, my skin felt soft and nice. Repurchase: it was a limited edition. Avon Little Black Dress Weekend Sample – a new Avon’s fragrance, LBD Weekend. I’m a huge fan of their classic LBD, but that one blew me as well away. It’s really soft with notes of lemon, orange flower and Indonesian patchouli.