Farage Sips Champagne With Georgia Toffolo After By-election

Nigel Farage claims Boris Johnson will be forced to do a deal with his party when he realizes he cannot win a general election because the Tories and the Brexit Party are splitting the vote. Mr Farage warned of an Autumn general election and pointed out that the recent by-election leads to Brecon and Peterborough demonstrated that his party and the Conservatives were writing the Brexit vote between them.

He recommended that he could concern Labor MP Yvette Cooper in Normanton, Pontefract, and Castleford and called on Mr Johnson to work with his party and invite them to earn chairs in the Labor heartlands. Ms Cooper’s constituency, a Labor stronghold, voted 69 % for Leave but the MP is a Remainer and Mr Farage believes he could win the chair for Brexiteers.

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The Brexit Party has encountered criticism for splitting the Brecon by-election vote, which saw the Tories narrowly lose their seat to the Liberal Democrats. They might have retained the seat if half of the people who voted for the Brexit Party voted to them instead. However, Mr Farage has rejected criticism of his party and remarked that the Brexit Party lost the Peterborough by-election last month by a straight smaller margin.

Labor won the seat by significantly less than a 1,000 votes from Mr Farage’s party, while more than 7,000 voted for the Tories. An indignant Mr Farage informed the changing times: ‘Just look at Peterborough, where in fact the Conservatives split our vote. If the judgment is we cost the Tories in Brecon, the same pertains to us in Peterborough. The former UKIP leader is convinced there will be a general election in the Autumn, which may be called if Boris Johnson loses a vote of no confidence or if he decides a more substantial majority is required to finalize Brexit. He said: ‘Do I think there’ll be considered a general election?

Yes. Do I believe there could be two general elections within half a year? Mr Farage is thinking to be on holiday in Europe with his family but was seeing enjoying champagne with Ms Toffolo. They were, became a member of at the VIP portion of the ‘Polo in the Port’ event in Tivat, Montenegro by Ms Toffolo’s sweetheart George Cottrell, who experienced previously proved helpful for Mr Farage as an aide. Cottrell was sensationally arrested and led away in handcuffs by IRS agents in July 2016 while with Farage, who maintained afterwards that he did not know about his background.

He spent eight months in a US jail after being captured on the ‘dark web’, offering to launder the amount of money through his offshore accounts from what he thought was a gang of drug traffickers. Before his arrest, Cottrell ran Farage’s private office, taken care of all media enquiries for the previous UKIP leader and was also one of his closest aides, playing a key role in the Brexit advertising campaign.

Mr Farage distanced himself from the aide after his arrest, however they appeared locked in conversation in Montenegro. The photos come as the Brexit Party leader insisted his party would make a comeback in the polls. There is a huge degree of uncertainty about the impact of the electoral pact. But an Ipsos MORI poll found this week that the combined vote share of the Tories and Brexit Party was 43 %. The Brexit Party was the big winners in the European Parliament elections, with 31 per cent of the vote. However, the party’s fortunes have reversed lately with the visit of Boris Johnson viewing a surge in support for the Conservatives, relating to polls.