Do You NEED A Mobile App?

I usually recommend self-hosted WordPress for podcasting from your own website, therefore do a great many other specialists. But is this actually the best option for running your podcast and creating your podcast RSS feed? This is particular miniseries to challenge the ideas podcasters have accepted as truth for years.

Some will operate against the task while others crumble, and some will reveal new options you might have never considered. Are you truly a “podcaster” and should you truly be podcasting? Does your podcast NEED conversation or a contact list? Is iTunes actually the place for podcasts? Do you will need a mobile app?

Does SEO really matter in podcasting? Do you REALLY need to modify your podcasts? You don’t need audio/visual promos or branding for your podcast? In the event you launch your podcast with Episode 0? Does iTunes New and Noteworthy REALLY matter? Are event quantities REALLY necessary? Does audio/video quality ACTUALLY matter? Is a powerful is REALLY the best? Do you REALLY need interest? Is persistence THAT important?

will you need a website? You don’t actually have to truly have a website to run a podcast! All you have to, by technical description, is a Feed with links to press files hosted someplace. You may make this without a website. It’s completely possible to hand-code or use software to create an RSS feed, upload it and revise it every time you have a fresh show someplace.

But a website makes this process so easier. Most importantly, getting a website makes an internet home for your podcast. This true home can link to your podcast in iTunes and other podcast web directories, have your social-network accounts, include more information about you as well as your podcast than web directories can display, and provide a system for so much more. How come WordPress so popular?

There are many reasons to use WordPress for your own podcasting website. What else will there be besides WordPress? You could utilize nearly every self-hosted content-management system (CMS) to create your podcast’s Feed. Besides WordPress, popular choices are Drupal, ExpressionEngine, and Joomla. If you don’t want to sponsor your CMS with your personal web-hosting account (such as BlueHost, WPEngine, or WiredTree), you could use a third-party hosted solution. Imagine if your CMS doesn’t support podcasting? You might have a sizable site already locked into a particular CMS and it might be too expensive to change now.

If you utilize SquareSpace, Drupal, another self-hosted CMS, or any third-party platform, you can turn your regular Feed into a podcast give food to with FeedBurner. This is the one situation where I continue steadily to recommend FeedBurner. What’s the “best” CMS for podcasting? “Best” is such a relative term, that there surely is no absolute answer to this. If you easily want to podcast, reliably, and don’t value customizing your site, LibSyn may be right for you.

  1. Scala, Akka HTTP and the Play construction for a scalable stateless REST back-end
  2. Close Up, Plug In and Power Up Your System
  3. Good knowledge of frontend structures and experience with Scrum or agile development
  4. 3: Click on “Subscribe” button in the right corner on another page
  5. Install the Looks Familiar theme
  6. Separate Your Blog or E-Commerce Site from Your Main Website
  7. 2$347,600 $79,104 $13,184 $92,288 $60,000 $20,856 $53,144 6%

If you already have a sizable site and can’t change content management systems, create a new blog category and run the feed through FeedBurner with the SmartCast feature. This will allow you to easily change the source if you change systems in the future. If you want easy fairly, full control over your site and you’re not afraid of putting the hands into the site, self-hosted WordPress is most likely your best solution then.

You don’t need to have a website, like everyone else don’t need to have a home. But both basic things to make life easier! While this isn’t a requirement, I shall call it a need that you should have. WordPress is generally the most flexible choice for powering your podcast feed and website, nevertheless, you don’t have to use it for your podcast. Actually, there are numerous highly successful podcasters using LibSyn or something very different. What podcasting assumptions do you want to challenge?