For information about how you can get a library card, call us at 424-4044, or send an email. Fall Story Time Begins Sept. Get Downloadable Audiobooks Free! Search and Browse a huge selection of great titles and download them to your computer, transfer them to a portable device or burn some titles onto CDs for your enjoyment anywhere, anytime!

It’s very easy to do! All you have to be some type of computer with a web connection, and your 14-digit library card number. Then go to New Hampshire Downloadable AUDIOBOOKS, set up the free software to your computer, check out a book, and download it to your personal computer. From there, you decide how you want to access the digital publication: your computer, a compatible MP3 player, or CD. Over 2,100 game titles are currently available in fiction and non-fiction for everyone age range, why not give it a try? Please, be aware: This service is open to New Hampshire residents only.

Due to user authentication issues, New Hampshire Downloadable Audiobooks is not available in the MP3 format utilized by Apple devices at this time. If It’s September, Up Month It Must Be Library Cards Indication! Because studies also show that children who read or are read to in the real home, and who use the library, perform better in school and are more likely to continue to use the library as a source of lifetime learning.

With a library card, children can get research help, check out books, borrow DVDs, pick up crafts to go, and go to special programs – all of which make after college life a little more fun. Add a library cards to your son or daughter’s school supply list, and urge your family and friends to do the same. It’s most likely the only school supply you’ll receive for free!

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