On The Whole, Still A Healthy Performance 1

On The Whole, Still A Healthy Performance

Most of the ‘big guns’ in the S-REITs universe got reported their results this week. I rank all my 11 vested REITs relating to their DPU growth y-o-y below. Overall, still a healthy performance. A fascinating observation is that all 4 REITs in the Mapletree ‘family’ have registered DPU growth year-on-year, with MGCCT being the highest and MCT the cheapest. Do you think Mapletree is the overall best REIT supervisor in the Singapore market?

Both FCT and ParkwayLife REIT are proven winners with amazing monitor information of success in growing their annual DPU and NAV too. Data centers acquired signing up the best development in December 2017 compared to other property sub-sectors. So, I am glad that Mapletree Industrial Trust (MIT) had expanded its mandate to add data centers in the USA, which is the largest data center market in the world!

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Babylon’s winning streak continued during July (and additional into August) with a rise of 3,8% in the Babylon Fund’s NAV-price. On the other hand, in the ISX currency markets in Baghdad, prices strongly rose, as do value and volumes traded, as participants positioned themselves before foreigners’ entrance into the ISX, of August which was allowed as of 1st.

According to a declaration, Babylon’s goal is to provide long-term capital development from an investment portfolio comprising Iraqi and Iraqi-dependant securities. The investment process is principally top-down driven, with a variety of fundamental analysis and collection diversification characteristics, looking to be regarded as an easy, efficient, and safe Gateway towards trading into the region.

Indiabulls Properties Investment Trust offers investors contact with the flourishing Indian economy and also to the quickly growing services areas. The Trust comes with an initial profile of 2 commercial development properties situated in the upcoming business district of Lower Parel in Mumbai. Essentially this can be an Indian REIT play and a comparable peer on SGX will be the Ascendas India Trust.