How Much CAN IT Cost To Make A Small Business Mobile App?

What is the approximate cost of developing a mobile app for your small business? Here, software engineer Sohel Ather runs through some factors owners need to make to figure it out. In the last year or two, the mobile application market has exploded. Mobile application usage grew by 58 % between 2015 and 2016, around consumers downloading 8.8 apps a month on average on iOS and Android devices. Except for games, each and every app category posted a year-on-year growth in 2016 with personalisation, news, and productivity leading the way in the application growth.

Today, most businesses and brands, irrespective of sector and size, are deciding on a mobile app, as it can be a game-changing marketing tool for them to drive revenue and traffic. However, developing a regular mobile application is not a simple task as there are lots of things small businesses need to think about.

When business owners consider having an app because of their business, often the very first thing that comes to mind is how much it will cost to create. If you have an excellent mobile app idea in mind, and you’re prepared to move on to the development stage, you also might be curious to learn how much it costs to build up just any type of basic mobile app.

Once you have decided that you want a credit card application for your business, you now must decide which platform – Android or iOS – to opt for. You can choose the platforms to build your application and reach your targeted audience. Depending on which platform you select, the price tag on its development will vary.

When it involves a mobile app, for some businesses the options are either Android or iOS. Generally, iOS apps are quicker to develop, whereas Android applications require two to three times to develop than the same application in iOS longer. Apple tends to have a more engaged user-base, which is why various companies choose to launch iOS-only initially apps, expand apps to the Android platform then. Over the last couple of years, Android has gained huge popularity in the application market, plus some developers feel there isn’t a significant difference between the two platforms.

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In addition, Android has wider market penetration, and reach when considered from a marketing perspective, yet it’s the target audience of your application which should shape your decision on your selected platform. If your market is from SOUTH USA, Asia, or Africa, for example, Android is the best option to go with, as it has wider penetration.

Although both platforms are more and more accessible, the costs of both iOS and Android systems are higher than they used to be. Android applications take a bit longer to develop on average usually, which can translate to higher costs. Another essential aspect that affects the cost of developing your mobile application will be the features and functionalities that you wished to include. For every app, there are numerous features that you could choose to build up, and each feature could be built at least 100 various ways.