Will I Look Old Really? 1

Will I Look Old Really?

The Natural Me or Not! I wouldn’t have known it was you easily hadn’t seen your name. I wouldn’t have known it was you if I hadn’t noticed your voice. You are braver than I am. I didn’t understand you in any way. You’ll love it, no upkeep. You need to do look your actual age however, not older. I miss the red. I love the gray. It really is so dark, who understood. When compared to a for I have thought and pondered on my locks For more; cut it, grow it out, quit coloring it.

Especially, the colouring part. This is essential bigger weight on my shoulders than it was thought by me would be. I cannot remember exactly when the coloring started but I understand it was between 15-18 years back. First it was just as to my regular shade as I could get it close. I QUICKLY took the plunge to be always a red head – something I put always wanted.

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Your hair fits your attitude. You look better as a red mind. Do you have a short fuse like natural red heads? I never know what color nice hair will be. Sassy lady, sassy hair! I had fashioned decided this time around this past year that I must say I wanted to see what my natural locks color would appear to be at this time of my life. Am I as gray as I fear I am? AM I GOING TO look old really? Will people respect me more? Will people respect me less? Does it matter what color my hair is?

What’s incorrect to just agree to this natural part of life? How can I be so consumed with what I eat rather than value the chemicals taking place in my head? EASILY dye my locks and discuss not placing chemicals in my own mouth area is that like the container by calling the kettle black? After Bennett & Brittany’s wedding last May, I thought I used to be ready.

I was vain enough to know I didn’t want to look back on wedding pictures and see hair a lot of different shades because of a grow out! In July I acquired my haircut short. Until August But I still colored my locks. I think it had something regarding moving to our little farm in the Summer.

I thought about how excited I was to have the opportunity to live in such a beautiful place. A little move to the land, some woods, a red barn, an accepted place for chickens, garden, and bloom beds. The natural splendor of Montana Farm provided me the courage to see if I could accept an all natural me. I informed my stylist, Brett, of my decision. His response, I love the red really.

I felt he was as skeptical as I had been. But the journey was begun by us. First came a shorter cut. Love the short hair, don’t ever grow it out! You look 10 years younger! I began to have uncertainties and all I had developed done was to get my first hair cut. The first comment made me feel very insecure.

Something that lots of women fight over something. I understood it wasn’t 24! Next emerged more haircuts than I had developed experienced in a years time ever. I was up for you to get my hair cut about every 6 weeks at most. Brett and I talked about the greater natural locks that were turning up with each slice. My hair became the joke of 50 shades of whatever!