Compulsory Purchase Bid For Wellesbourne Airfield

A proceed to protect a Warwickshire airfield is a step closer after a council stated its intention to buy it. Stratford District Council wants to safeguard Wellesbourne Airfield, which has been earmarked as a site for new homes, as an operating airfield. The expert is due to start discussions with Littler Investments Limited with a view to compulsory purchasing the ex-RAF bottom. Directors of the ongoing company have been approached for comment by the BBC. The council in addition has requested that on-site businesses be given short-term tenancies to preserve the livelihood of the 104 employees – 44 full-time and 60 part-time. Owners have until 11 July to react to the council’s demand or compulsory purchase order proceedings will start.

This is the first stage of the CPO process to give Littler Investments Limited the opportunity to build relationships the region council with a voluntary sale of the 77-year-old airfield. Councillor Jefferson added that the activities of Littler Investments Limited in terminating the leases of businesses operating on the site and their programs to demolish buildings was in direct opposition to the council’s policy.

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