Lisa Eldridge Reveals How She Created Eva Green's 'Dumbo' Makeup 1

Lisa Eldridge Reveals How She Created Eva Green’s ‘Dumbo’ Makeup

Directed by Tim Burton and with renowned costume designer Colleen Atwood at the helm, Dumbo is a veritable feast for the optical eye. Resplendent in 1920’s glamour and all the trappings of the circus, make-up artist Lisa Eldridge had one of her most exciting challenges yet when she stepped up to design the looks. Fans of Eldridge’s work and Instagram will know she’s an enthusiastic makeup historian, so creating searches for a film occur 1919 involved dipping into her personal archives of scrapbooks and sources from the period.

? This video is a wish for true makeup connoisseurs out there. I required this photo of one of the numerous looks I designed for Eva moments before the established Tim Burton makeup screen test for this look ? I held touching it up because I needed it to be perfect!

Eva’s personality in @dumbo is Collette Marchant a trapeze designer circa 1919. Amazing costume and headpiece by @coleenatwood and wig @alainpichonhair Follow the link IN BIO to watch the video with myself and Eva. You shall love it! Eldridge, noting that she and Green did lots of the looks collaboratively, and were inspired by Theda Bara, the silent film star and original femme fatale. Get the best of Vogue sent to your inbox daily. Sign up to the Vogue Daily publication now.

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