Pharaoh Djoser, Imhotep AS WELL AS THE Step Pyramid At Saqqara 1

Pharaoh Djoser, Imhotep AS WELL AS THE Step Pyramid At Saqqara

Who Was Pharaoh Djoser? Pharaoh Djoser, also known as Netjerikhet in historic times, was probably the first Pharaoh of Egypt’s third dynasty. Later inscriptions show that Netjerikhet and Djoser were one and the same person, and the initial evidence that this is so comes from a long inscription carved into a rock on the island of Sehel at Aswan.

There has been much conversation as to whether Djoser was the first Pharaoh of the 3rd dynasty rather than Nebka, and whether Nebka’s reign should be placed between that of Djoser and Huni actually. The estimated length of Djoser’s reign varies between 19 years and 30 years, but scholars now think that a reign of around 29 years is the most likely.

To have the ability to have such a considerable funerary monument built for himself, backs up the likelihood of the longer estimation of Djoser’s reign. Western investigation of the Step Pyramid began as as the 17th century early, but serious archaeological study of the pyramid complex was not started before the time of Napoleon’s armed forces’ campaign in the early 19th century.

In 1821 a Prussian general called Johann Heinrich Freiherr von Minutoli located a gain access to the tunnel to the Step Pyramid that led under the pyramid from the north. Later, in 1837, an Englishman called John Perring discovered a large network of underground galleries under the pyramid. Third, the discovery a Prussian expedition led by Lepsius dug at the website.

However, the first truly medical archaeological study of the Step Pyramid Complex did not take place until the 1920’s when Cecil Firth, another Englishman, began working at Saqqara. He was soon joined by a young French architect called Jean-Philippe Lauer, who became so enthralled with the excavation that he made the Step Pyramid his life’s work. A lot of what we now know about the Step Pyramid Complex is due to Lauer’s dedication, although some have dug at Saqqara since and added their contributions to our knowledge.

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