What to look for in a Business Analytics Platform 1

What to look for in a Business Analytics Platform

If you’re looking for a business analytics platform, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be discussing the benefits and key features of a great solution in this article. We’ll also be discussing how to get maximum use of your analytics platform. And don’t forget to compare the features of different platforms and decide for yourself if you’re looking for the best one for your needs. Should you have any kind of queries with regards to where along with how you can work with sap data warehouse cloud, you’ll be able to call us from the web site.

SAP HANA takes advantage of in-memory computing to analyze massive amounts of data in real time. This enables a company to use SAP software components on optimized hardware to conduct business operations analytics. By combining transactional and analytical data, SAP HANA allows users to get insights on real-time business operations. HANA also allows users to add external data into their analytic models, expanding the analysis scope across their company.

The solution Omega Pharma selected provided a complete reporting environment with integration to all its SAP data. Omega Pharma was able, once the solution had been implemented, to expand the solution to other countries. This ensured that all data and definitions were consistent across all locations. The solution saved them time and effort for manual data import, as well as improved data quality. Omega Pharma was able seamlessly integrate the system into its existing system because it is flexible.

Another BI platform that focuses on business intelligence is SAP’s BusinessObjects BI. It offers easy access and interactive analysis as well as customizable graphical reporting formats. The rich feature set allows users to use different data sources without having to have a technical background. It can also integrate with other BI solutions. This platform aids businesses in making better business decisions.

Swisscom corporate real-estate has a complex network. Data from multiple source systems would be loaded into a SQL Data warehouse. This data would then go through modeling, cleansing, transformation, and finally made available for reporting. SAP Lumira (a reporting tool) connects via JDBC with the SQL database. Users can create dashboards that allow for limited collaboration. SAP Analytics Cloud was introduced to facilitate self-service reporting, collaboration, and flexibility.

The first phase was successful and the solution was accepted by most corporate leaders. Germany, the Netherlands, as well as visit the up coming internet site UK were selected to be pilot countries for this analysis solution. The bioscience firm improved its collections by using account-based metrics and was able to resolve millions of denied claims. Bioscience companies now have the ability to use a business analytics platform to help them focus on their customers and improve profitability.

What to look for in a Business Analytics Platform 2

Scalability is another consideration. Some BI platforms are not compatible with the most current data sets. Your team will spend more time looking for information and this can lead to inefficient BI solutions. If you’re looking for a platform that offers scalability and ease of use, Yellowfin is a popular choice. Yellowfin’s flexible architecture, unlike other analytics platforms makes it ideal for any company, no matter how large or small.

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