US Import Data 1

US Import Data

The United States is the largest importing nation in the world, and its large number of major import ports allows US traders to succeed in the import business. The US import data includes data from SEA, AIR, ICD/DRY, and road shipment. Contact Seair Exim for a free Import/Export data demo. Seair Exim does not facilitate buying or selling. For those who have virtually any queries with regards to in which along with how to utilize customs records, you are able to contact us with the webpage.


USA Export Data provides detailed records for each shipment of a particular commodity. This data includes all bill-of-lading information, including country details, date, shipper, address, port, destination and product descriptions. The USA export data can show the weight and quantity of each shipment. It’s the most comprehensive database available for tracking the trade of a specific commodity.


The best way to track cargo containers is by using their shipping records. This database contains information based on customs such as the name of the shipping company, the address and name of the consignee, and the product description. You can also find the weight and quantities of every shipment in this database. These data can be used for research purposes and are available from a number of sources. Seair Exim provides free USA import data demos.


US Import Data 2

U.S. Customs and Border Protection collects data about importers and exporters. These statistics are organized in the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, a system created by the World Customs Organization (a group of approximately 161 member countries). The United States participates in the WCO, and the Customs Service is its member. The Harmonized Tariff Schedule for the United States is maintained by the International Trade Commission (ITC). It can be used by both importers and exporters.

Bill of Lading

The US Bill of Lading import data includes information on the name of the importer, country of destination, and HS code for each shipment. It includes the product description and weight as well as quantity. It is very useful to track shipments between countries. You can download the data in several formats. It can also downloaded in PDF format. The bill of Lading is available Suggested Looking at

Shipping Manifests

Data mining is used to extract the most important information from U.S. shipping documents. This allows you to quickly find a list. Each manifest includes data such as the ship name, country code, name variations and manifest quantity. It also contains estimated arrival dates. A manifest privacy request can be requested if you wish to keep sensitive information about your manifest private. This will protect sensitive information from prying eyes.

Country of origin

It is important to know where your products come from when you compile your state trade data. This information is available in a number of places including the U.S. International Trade Commission publication, the Harmonized tariff Schedule of the United States Annotated to Statistical Reporting purposes. While Canada and the U.S. use the same methodology for compiling merchandise trade statistics, the annotations are different. It is possible to identify the origin country of US imports and make decisions about which goods you should import or export to your state.

Foreign supplier

The United States is the world’s biggest importer of goods with $2.5 trillion in total purchases in 2019. This was a decrease of $40 billion over the previous year. The largest importer was China. US imports were $515 billion due to the EU. While the United States imports products from China, it is worth noting that the United States imports greater quantities of goods from Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other countries than any other.

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