AS IT HAPPENS That To Do Aqua Aerobics Properly

It works out that to do aqua aerobics properly, you need something called core strength, which, after Googling it, has something regarding strong abdominals. Core power is how you maintain your balance in the water as you lift and kick your body in directions it does not have any business going.

Core strength is exactly what enables you to lift your hip and legs out of the water while keeping your head dry so you propel yourself from one end of the pool to the other. Core strength is what you need to have the ability to do sit-ups and push-ups while floating on the slim Styrofoam pole.

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There must be an agreement. Q.4.Mention two conditions under which set capital of a firm can change? When additional capital is introduced. When capital is withdrawn. Q.5. If somebody draws Rs. 3000 at the start of every month during the 12 months 1997, Interest on the total amount being 12% p.a calculate interest on sketching.

Q.7Geeta is a partner in a firm. She has advanced a loan of Rs 20,000 to the company without any contract appealing. Calculate interest payable to Geeta. Q 8 How is interest on drawings computed when different quantities are withdrawn at different times? Amount withdrawn x amount of months that that amount has been used. Q 9 What are the provisions of the Indian Partnership Act, 193 which become relevant in the lack of partnership deed? Interest on drawings will never be charged. Q 10 What is the Profit and Loss Appropriation A/c?

AnsIt is a nominal account. Plus it’s an extension of P/L A/c ready to show the modifications related to companions and to show the distribution of divisible revenue. Q1. What are preliminary expenses? Ans.Those expenses which are incurred in the formation of a company. Also called as incorporation expenses.

Q2. X ltd. invited applications for 1, 00, 000 stocks of Rs. 10 each. It received applications for 90, 000 shares. Name the type or kind of subscription. Q3. What do you mean by calls in arrears? Ans. Money which has been called up by the business but not paid by the shareholder. Q4. What’s the maximum amount of discount of which the forfeited stocks can be re-issued?

Ans. Amount that truly have been received/ forfeited. Q5. How are Calls in advance shown in the total amount sheet of a company? Q6. Y and. Invited applications for 1, 00, 000 shares of Rs. 10 each. It received applications for 1, 50, 000 shares. Name the kind of subscription. Q7. What is the other name for nominal capital? Q8. What is the par value of a share? Ans. Face value of the share. Q9. Who are the real owners of the business? Q10. What is the rate of interest payable on calls in advance?

What is the idea of a franchise company? The concept of a franchise company is the thought of taking an already successful business model, and putting it on in a number of locations. An example of a successful franchise company would be McDonald’s. How will you create your own small business franchise? Starting your own franchise network first requires and solid and easy to learn business model. Hiring a good lawyer to handle the franchise agreements is a necessity as well. The business model must also be something that would be attractive in many different locations and communities. How do you take up a Kentucky Fried Chicken? You would need to buy a franchise to begin a KFC.