The Dogs In My Life

I’ve written before in this website about my dogs (see below), today I want to tell you about my canines but. I was raised in a home that had one dog always, never more, but that dog was a cherished member of the grouped family. On the other hand, since we were an oxygen Force family, there are lots of moving, and the dog did not go with us frequently, so there were a true number of these.

I loved all of them. The first dog I do recall was an extremely smart sticker spaniel called “Kimmy,” (Pensacola, Florida). She was so clever that Dad would tell her, “Kimmy, go get a shoe,” and she would trot off to his closet, snag a shoe, and bring it to him.

If he said that wasn’t the correct one, she’d take it back again, bring another, so when one was accepted finally, immediately fetch its mate. When we went to Japan (1954-57-I was 10 to 13 in this period), the first dog we acquired was Tomadachi, a spit, but she didn’t last long, having female troubles. Your dog we had most of the time in Japan was a big stray mutt who hung around the house until my soft-hearted mother started feeding him, of which point he relocated right in. Ah, take a look at him! Doug, are you awake? Yes, awake and dreaming, Mom,” (a lie, as she understood). “Doug, I’m not calling you again! I’m sending up Honcho! Go get … Read the rest