My Asian Skincare Story

This isn’t a sponsored post. I paid for my visit to The Burj Club. I also asked and got permission to take photos and write about my experience. Unfortunately, because my flight left Haneda late (yep, it was a typhoon night), we landed late also, the day went the home window and my carefully prepared.

What I held in my own itinerary were both things I had developed already covered: a spa visit and a vacation to the very best of Burj Khalifa. Conveniently for me, the spa also been located at Burj Khalifa. And because Dubai continues to be technically in Asia (go and check, if you don’t believe me), I am dutifully blogging about any of it here now.

If you do not know very well what Burj Khalifa is, I suggest you stop living under a rock in a galaxy significantly far away and do some googling. I booked both of these “attractions” using Get Your Guide (no, I am not heading to link to it) and I cannot advocate it enough.

They are a rip off. Use them only when you have money to burn off and need the capability of booking everything all at one time. Dealing with MAKE YOUR Guide was a problem. First, I needed to frequently email them requesting my voucher. They ignored my mails. I finally started complaining on Twitter, which got their attention. At the same time, I acquired common sense to contact the spa directly enough, and I am pleased I did, because GET THE Guide didn’t. No great shock here.

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  • Domenico Cieri Estrada
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  • 34 – Beauty without sophistication is the hook with no bait. Ralph Waldo Emerson

When all was finally sorted out and booked and verified and reconfirmed, it turned out that I possibly could have booked my treatment straight and preserved myself a great deal of frustration along the way. The Burj Club is Dubai’s most exclusive full-service spa and health club, and I have already been fantasizing of heading there for a long time. I used to be asked to arrive about half an hour sooner than my scheduled treatment time. I was instructed to go to the “residence entry” and continue to follow that.

Sounds easy enough, right? I acquired so excited traveling the metro (driverless, and yes, I used to be sitting in the 1st carriage and taking photos) which I totally forgot what time it was. When I finally remembered, I made a decision to run for a taxi, because I had formed no idea where the Burj Khalifa “residence entry” was.