Review: Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer In #3 Transparent (에뛰드 하우스 님프 광채 볼류머)

3 Transparent. This is actually one of the more expensive products I purchased at the Etude House Hong Kong Mongkok store. It had been around 158 HK dollars, if I remembered correctly. Have you ever watched a Korean drama and wondered how the actresses (and actors) have such dewy and healthy-looking skin? The secret is a volume!

You can utilize it in a 1:3 proportion with your BB cream or basis to promote a slow look. Or you can utilize it on the high points of your face alone. Nymph Aura Volume is a multi-functional cream that maximizes the radiance and dewy glow on the skin. Completes your lifestyle with a flawless end with plumped and moisturized pores and skin. Create a high profile glow by mixing it with any liquid foundation, base, or BB cream to give skin a moist radiant look.

Contains Argan Oil and Avocado Oil for anti-oxidant and epidermis elasticity treatment. The Etude House Nymph Aura Volume is packed in a sturdy plastic container (I’m typing this after frequently hitting the bottle on my desk lol). The bottle is semi-opaque with a pearl tint. The cap top is embellished with a holographic decoration as the water drop symbol at the front end is of reflective metallic.

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The writing is a dark crimson print. After you open up the cap Immediately, you are bombarded with the infant powder like smell somewhat. If the Missha has been tried by you BB Cream pact, this smell like that exactly. In order to avoid getting much product too, I do hold the pump very slowly down.

Sometimes it requires me a couple tries to get the product out. The regularity is slim and smooth somewhat. It’s not exactly sticky, but it’s perfect for the product to adhere onto the skin. The product will not absorb into your skin as it is utilized to promote a glossy look.

Throughout the day, you can feel the moisturizing properties of the volume still. 3 Transparent is a light pink volumes without glitter. 1 appears to be catered for dried-out skin. It is simple to blend extremely, and even though it is in liquid form even, it retains itself well on your skin quite.

It is not just a runny product. During the winter time, your epidermis gets the inclination to look dull and dry. This product will help diminish that with its radiant properties. It offers saved my skin so many times since it’s Wintertime in Sydney Australia. In addition, it removes the likelihood of your makeup from looking ‘cakey’ due to it’s moisturizing properties.