The Big Scam Behind Collagen Skin Care And Collagen Treatments

Looking for collagen skin care lotions or collagen treatments? Collagen skin care is one of the most hyped about marketing theme in the cosmetic skin care industry today. But there are many shocking facts that could make you sit down up in shock! Looking for collagen skincare creams or collagen treatments? Collagen skincare is one of the very most hyped about marketing theme in the cosmetic industry today.

But there are many shocking facts that could make you sit down up in surprise! There are a couple of reasons why this collagen skincare “scam” is convincing. · Collagen skin care products – like creams and lotions which contain collagen as their ingredient. It can be used for topical application on your skin.

· Collagen treatments – like injections of collagen. It really is true that collagen injection treatment administered with a dermatologist or aesthetic surgeon does have a noticeable effect, although it is temporary. The certain part of epidermis where collagen has been injected remains plump and company for a few months. · The collagen treatment is expensive. · The effect is short-term and collagen shots have to be given again and again as the body reabsorbs the collagen.

· The collagen treatment is unpleasant. Collagen skin care creams which have collagen as their component, are totally ineffective and don’t deliver on the claims that they make. I shall tell you the technological reason behind that. The reason is that collagen cannot be absorbed into the skin. Collagen molecules are simple too big for that. The uppermost layer of the skin we have called the Epidermis rejects the collagen molecule from entering the skin. What things to say about the deeper layers! You can research this known reality by checking out any reputable scientific site or by talking to any dermatologist.

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Now, which I provided you the technological proof that collagen treatments which work on the concept of trying to insert collagen in the body through exterior means directly, are useless and ineffective. So you know that the temporary collagen injection treatment is some sort of short-term fix and it is Wii long-term solution.

Then, What is the right solution to regain youthful skin? Fortunately, there is an excellent solution which is natural too. The main element is to find clinically proven natural chemicals that have the properties of revitalizing the body’s own collagen creation. I’ve found a few of these wonderful natural substances.