The Santee Alley

Earlier this year we introduced one to Madera Fashion, a family-owned retail and low-cost store in Santee Alley. The Madera family produces a favorite line of embellished denim, but their boutiques also bring a remarkably well curated selection of women’s clothing and accessories. Namely holiday fashions, as sequins and metallic line the walls of the super-adorable boutique. We think we’ll be buying our holiday and New Year’s Eve party outfits here. For anybody interested in buying low cost or who want to begin your own business, Madera is looking for people interested in selling through the catalog.

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454,600 per year. Assume that the firm’s tax rate is 40%. What is the annual operating cash flow? 75,000 for extra inventory. The machine has an IRS approved useful life of 7 years; it is presumed to haven’t any salvage value. 600,000. ABC programs to depreciate the device by using the straight-line method.

Assume that the firm’s tax rate is 40%. What’s the termination (non-operating) cash flow from the device in the calendar year three? Famous Danish Corp. is changing an old cookie cutter with a new one. 75,000. Assume that Famous Danish is in the 34% income-tax bracket. How much will Famous Danish net from the sale?

Burr Habit Corporation is considering a new product line. The business currently manufactures several lines of snow winter sports clothing. 1 million per year for the next five years. 250,000 per year in sales less cost of goods sold on the existing lines of longer ski pants consequently of the introduction of the new products.

The new line will demand no additional equipment or space in the seed and can be produced in the same manner as the existing apparel products. 80, per yr on insurance in case customers sue for frostbite 000. 45, per year in salary and benefits 000. Because of the different construction of the shorts, an increase in inventory of 3,800 would be needed initially.

Regal Businesses is taking into consideration the purchase of a fresh embroidering machine. 3,000 to install it. 12,000 in labor expense each year. Regal is within the 34% income-tax bracket. The device will be depreciated on a straight-line basis over five years (it has no salvage value). 136,000. What is the annual operating cash flow that the device will create?

1,500,000 net of taxes, sales commissions, and other offering costs. Woodstock’s cost of capital is 11%. How much will the sale of the building contribute to the NPV of the task? The Director of Capital Budgeting of Capital Assets Corp. 4,000 for installation. The equipment shall have a good life of 5 years.