True Beauty ORIGINATES FROM Within

We love tango partly because tango is beautiful. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. People pursue beauty for the same reason that plants birds and bloom sing. It really is natural. It pleases the attention and draws in mates. It offers better chances for living what to reproduce. Beauty is a valuable resource for individuals who own it. Consequently, beauty is adored, worshiped, idolized, and imitated. Fashion, cosmetics, silicon implant, face-lift surgery, and a great many other methods are developed to make people look beautiful. Billions and billions are spent each year for it. As a total result, beauty now is no longer natural and real.

It becomes artificial, perverted and delusive. When people are enthusiastic about superficial things, the substance is overlooked and problems occur. A beautiful woman may have advantages. But at the same time she may have drawbacks as well. She might be spoiled, arrogant, self-centric, and unprepared for the tough realities in true to life.

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She may demand more and become hard to please. A likely victim of men, envy, and jealousy of women, and the center breakers to many, she might have many enemies, which will make her self-protective, unfriendly, and suspicious. Her relationship with others may be more problematic, and she lives a less tranquil life.

One must bear in mind its cost when pursuing beauty. Beauty deep is the epidermis. It is neither the thing nor the most important part of life as well as with tango. Just like those concentrating on the external, have a tendency to overlook the internal, people fond of elegant steps ignore feelings often. However, without the substance the look is an empty shell. True beauty comes from within. The wonder of tango is basically conceptional. It lies in the shared connection, intimacy, understanding, agreement, harmony, and comfort.

If you go to Buenos Aires, to is how tango is danced by the milongueros. They don’t care much about how exactly they look. They don’t really do extravagant steps. They concentrate on the feelings and romantic relationship, and their dance is so beautiful that it’s imitated by shallow-minded foreigners without understanding its fact almost everywhere.

Tango is still too young in this country. It takes maturity to get over shallowness and understand true beauty. The more I dance with women of most ages, the greater I appreciate mature women. Even in Argentina, I find that adult women are better dancers generally. Their fresh freshness away is fading, and they start to focus more on the substance than the surface of beauty rather. It is my hope that tango in this country, too, will overcome its shallowness and pay more attention to the substance, as our tango community becomes maturer.